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    XFF-GII Automatic two auger head powder filling machine

    This machine is equipped with two sets of dosing unit for different size: pre-dosing and complement dosing. Three sets of servo driver and touch screen ensure the entirely improvement in precision and speed. Be applicable for packing powdery, super fine powdery products.
    Main features:
    1.The whole machine is made of stainless steel material except of motor, in particular the application of GMP, food sanitation certification, and suitable for the amyctic materials.  
    2.Touch-screen man-machine interface: work stability, anti-interference, high-precision weighing, easy and intuitive to operate. Stepless adjust the packaging weight. Change the working parameter at any time, easy to control. 
    3.Servo motor driving screw is characteristics of high-precision orientation, high-speed, great-torque, long-life, setup rotate speed, stable performance. 
    4.Stirrer’s driven by the Taiwanese motor reducer: low noise, long life, maintenance-free life. 
    5.Weight feedback and proportion track get rid of the shortage of variable packaged weight for various proportion of different material 
    6.Side-open of the hopper is made of  stainless steel and is consist of glass,damp. material movement at a glance through the glass,air-sealed to avoid the  leak, and the discharge material mouth with the dust collector to protect the workshop dnvironment . 
    7.Replacing the auger parts, it is suitable for material from super thin powder to granule.
    Metering Mode: Dual auger filling & weighing 
    Size of the container: Cylindrical containerφ50—180MM  High 50-350MM 
    Packing weight: 10— 5000G (The screw attachment is to be changed) 
    Weighing range: 1—6000G (Resolution is 01g) 
    Filling Accuracy:  ≤ 500g,with an error≤±1.5g 
              500~1000g,with an error≤±2.5%g 
              >1000g,with an error≤±4g 
    Filling Rate: 25—55cans/min 
    Power supply:3P/380V(1P/220V according your requirement) 50—60Hz 
    Total power: 3KW. 
    Air pressure:   6-8kg/cm2 
    Use tolerance: 0.2m3/min 
    Total weight: 700KG 
    Overall Dimensions: 3330×1200×2930MM 
    Hopper volume: 50L(main), 35L(assit)

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