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    Home > Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machinery
    Automatic HFFS Packing Machine, XFS-180

    Automatic HFFS Packing Machine is a completely new bag form fill seal packing machine which is made up of bag-making, dosing, filling and sealing. And the wrapping material is all kinds of multilayer heat-sealable films. Match with different filling head, the machine can pack powders, liquids, pastes, granule in three side or four side sealed sachets.

    Application: powder and granule: milk powder, Protein powder, coffee powder, baking powder, granule sugar, Glucose, MSG, juice powder, Granular and powder additive, granule medicine, Talcum powder, Dyes, spices, veterinary drugs, pesticides, detergent powder, etc.
    Liquid and paste: tomato paste, fruit jam, shampoo, liquid fertilizer, pesticides, etc.

    Character: It adopts PLC human-machine interface and all the actions are driven by air cylinder. The system for going down film uses servomotor control so that we can adjust dimension of film randomly, it has the advantage of high efficiency, applicability and stability. The package is beautiful, and the sealing strength is high. It is the ideal choice for packing foodstuff, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, pesticide, feedstuff industry and so on.  

    XFS-180 is automatic horizontal packing machine which is designed for bag middle size and small size and dual filling function. It is widely used in the packing fields of food, pharmaceuticals, house chemicals, cosmetics, etc. And it is suitable for powder, granule product and liquid product, etc. with different products, use different fillers. it is your wise choice for three-side, four-side seal and two or more -link bag function.

    Technical Parameter

    Machine dimensions




    Electric supply

    AC380V  50Hz



    air supply


    Air consumption


    Packaging capacity


    Wide size


    High size


    Max filling capacity


    Packing Process

    1.Film unwind


    7.tear notch

    10.Pouch opening

    13.Top seal

    2.Bag forming

    5.Bottom seal

    8. cutting


    14.Finished product

    3  film guide

    6. vertical seal

    9.pouch pulling

    12. fillingⅡ

    15. outlet

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