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    Home > Automatic Rotary Bag Filling and Sealing Machinery
    Automatic Premade Bag Powder Filling And Packing Machine, XFG-F

    Main Capacity and Application: Automatic Premade Pouch Filling And Sealing Machine is used for the flat bag, standup bag、 bag with zipper.
    With the powder auger feeder device, the machine can be finish the process of feeding, weighing and packing. 
    II. Application: Different powder product, such as flour, flavoring, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, dextrose, chemical powder, refined sugar, pesticide, fertilizer, etc.
    Technical Parameter

    Automatic Bag filling and sealing Machine

    包裝能力  Capacity


    袋尺寸    Bag size

    寬Width:150-250mm,  長Length:250-350m

    包裝重量  Filling weight

    2000 g/bag (max)

    封口方式  Bag sealing

    熱封Sealing by heat and pressure

    使用能源  Power supply

    AC380V±10%,3-phase 50Hz

    Power consumption

    2 Kw

    Air Consumption

    空氣壓力 5-8 kgf/cm2,空氣消耗量0.4m3/分鐘,壓縮空氣由用戶提供
    0.4m3/min at 5-8 kgf/cm2Air compressor as source of pneumatic power supply is by customer

    機器重量 Machine weight


    機器尺寸  Dimension

    W*L*H 1140*1500*1560mm

    Powder auger filler

    Filling range


    Weight precision


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