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    About Us

    ------ One Brand Made in China and Moving Towards the World

    Shanghai Xingfei Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development of packaging machinery and food machinery, and we are a member of the Chinese Food and Packaging Machinery Industrial Association.

    Our potential customers are middle and large scale enterprises from Mainland China and International market. Our packaging machinery, food machinery, and packing production lines have been sold not only in the Mainland China but also in more than thirty foreign countries, such as the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhsta, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, and other countries and regions. Based on straight-out management notion, outstanding quality products, and favorable after-sales services, we have gained extensive recognition of customers from at home and abroad and built up long-term relationships with them.

    Since our establishment, we have used European and Japanese advanced experience for reference and have developed several kinds of top-grade vertical packaging machinery, horizontal packaging machinery, and packing equipment used for different granule, powder and liquid, and other assistant packaging machinery. We also can supply the layout of automatic packing processing lines. If you choose "XINGFEI", you choose assured quality.

    Our company is willing to cooperate with people from all circles, developing together and contributing our ability to make the Chinese packaging machinery and food machine industry move towards the world. Moreover, people from at home and aboard are warmly welcomed to our company to give us suggestion. By the tenet of close cooperation and mutual benefits, we would like to build a new future with you

    Products | Automatic Vertical Packaging Machinery | Automatic Rotary Bag Filling and Sealing Machinery | Automatic Horizontal Packaging Machinery | Filling machinery | Automatic carton packaging line
    XINGFEIPACK All Right Reserved.           滬ICP備08105932號 
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